LONDON, UK—On Friday, 19 October 2018, Saba Family Foundations (SFF) reached another major with their online and off-line 2018 campaign. They reached 1 million schools with their videos and their “Say No to buttons.

In 2018, SFF launched their Anti-bullying campaign to help others end this global problem.

Saba Family Foundations Chair and founder Malini Saba said, “This continued growth in involvement reflects the vibrant atmosphere and commitment at SFF with its positive reputation and sterling image of the foundation in this region and beyond. We are on-target of our goal to serve over one billion people over the next 10 years.”

Saba added, “At the very root of this record is the ongoing success and satisfaction of our followers, the quality, effectiveness and our dedicated staff in all of our many global projects.”

The SFF founder further explained, “The expansion and enhancement of our programs, improvements in infrastructure and continued growth in social networks are providing much of the momentum for this surge in participation.”

SFF is a self-funded foundation, endowed by one family. They encourage everyone to “stand up and speak out” against bullying in any capacity. They encourage all to start in your schools and work places.

Saba reminded all, “We have always been dedicated to a single : promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world. Today, we still pursue that with its goals of building greater resilience and advancing , -care and human rights. Through our portfolio of initiatives, Saba Family Foundations strive to: catalyze and scale, convene sector-spanning partnerships and create systemic changes to benefit women and children.”

Saba further said, “SFF undertook a number of projects to enhance their operations and improve the overall end-user experiences both online and off-line. We have sponsored and promoted many global and local events to increase awareness and help end this bullying problem.”

Saba concluded, “We have to all stand together to make a difference.”

Currently SFF is working with ministries of health and education and schools globally. As of this date, SFF has already reached 7 nations and working aggressively to access many more.

In 2002, Ms. Saba launched The Saba Family Foundation to serve as the umbrella organization for all of her philanthropic works. The Saba Family Foundation has three areas of focus: health-care, education and human rights. The foundation has undertaken numerous projects, including: partnering with Stanford Medical Center to train physicians from developing countries; distributing preventative health information on HIV/AIDS, immunizations, gastric and reproductive health; providing vocational education for women in Togo, West ; and supporting human rights issues around the world. They are a venture capitalist for NGOs and fund projects and support causes that will make the world a better place.