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Stop, block and tell

If you are targeted by a verbal :

  • STOP!
    Don’t do anything. Take time to calm down.
  • Block!
    Block the bully or limit all communications to those on your buddy list.
  • Tell!
    Tell a trusted adult, you don’t have to face this alone. We recommend telling your teacher and/or your parents.

Verbal Bullying is one of the 4 bullying types.

When most people think of bullying, they think of physical bullying. However, bullying goes beyond the physical limitations to include the spoken word(s). It may seem strange, but verbal bullying can be just as harmful – in different ways – as physical bullying. With verbal bullying, the goal is still to degrade and demean the victim, while making the aggressor look dominant and powerful. All bullying focuses on creating a situation in which the victim is dominated by the aggressor. And this can happen verbally as well as physically.

In many cases, verbal bullying is the province of girls. Girls are more subtle (and can be more devastating), in general, than boys. Girls use verbal bullying, as well as social exclusion techniques, to dominate others and show their superiority and power. However, there are also many boys with subtlety enough to use verbal techniques for domination, and who are practiced in using words when they want to avoid the trouble that can come with physically bullying someone else.

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Report Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying often violates the policies of your learning environment and workplace.

  • Review their terms and conditions or rights and responsibilities sections. These describe content that is or is not appropriate.
  • Visit social safety centers to learn how to block users and change settings to control who can contact you.
  • Report Verbal Bullying so they can act against users abusing the terms of service.

Don’t forget, the authorities will need the email headers for the offending mail(s), if email was used.

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