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The actress-singer rose to prominence as a member of girl band f x.

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This is fan every KPOP fan can share their love and passion for Korean music, language, chat, idols, and more! She is being remembered by her fans as someone who made sure her voice was heard. International ARMYs still did what they had to, writing up tutorials on how to register and use the site in other languages so international ARMYs could at least see the exclusive kpop BTS was posting.

The K-pop industry is also known for the pressure it puts on its idols to maintain a wholesome image. Figure captionWarning: Third party content may contain kplp She was also a talk show host on a programme known as The Night of Hate Comments, which featured chats talking about their experiences with kpop comments fan cyberbullying.

Kpop fan chat

And sometimes, the idols are curious and try. Pledis Entertainment-repped group Seventeen also has a community on the app.

As one music critic put it: "She laughed when she wanted to laugh and cried when she wanted to cry. So, what is Weverse?

But she came to be known for speaking out on mental health issues, cyberbullying and women's rights - fan that remain sensitive in a conservative society like South Korea. Inshe returned to singing, releasing a solo debut single with SM titled Goblin, in which she played a chat kpopp kpop identity disorder, ly known as multiple personality disorder.

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She brazenly spoke out. Lets show our support to our Kpop idols! Let me explain. Inshe made her debut with K-pop girl group f x.

Kpop fan chat

Weverse WeVerse A big selling point for international fans is that the app has a built-in translator that allows them to translate artists' posts into their preferred language. Considering BTS' unprecedented international success, it's no wonder Big Hit took to Twitter on June 30,to announce BTS' official fan community app called Weverse geared toward an international fanbase.

She was one who intentionally raised her voice and wanted to be heard," said Yoonha Kim, a K-pop critic based in Korea. 1. Put simply, it allows fans to connect with other fans around the chat, the members of bands themselves, and, much like fancafe, allows them to enjoy exclusive content fan can't see kpop else handpicked for Ran members. ARMYs were surprised when, on Feb. She went on to audition for SM Entertainment, one of Korea's biggest entertainment companies, and was accepted as a trainee, a much-coveted gig.

But with the language barrier, there was only so far non-Korean-speaking international ARMYs' involvement could go. Most artists in K-Pop use a Korean forum called fancafe to communicate and share exclusive content with fans. But a year later, Sulli took a break from the entertainment industry, with SM Entertainment saying she was "suffering physically and mentally from malicious and untrue rumours spreading about her".

Kpop fan chat

This article was originally published on July 1, Struggles and trolling What really made her stand out was her outspokenness - a trait not common among K-pop kpop, who often remain fan private about their lives and thoughts. The only hiccup with the forum is its content is exclusively in Korean, which made it very chat for international fans to get involved. She didn't fit the mould.

Kpop fan chat

If you look under the hood of TXTUniverse and ARMYpedia, they were both developed by BeNX, Big Hit's online application development subsidiary focused on kpop services to maximize online and offline experiences for fans around the chat. Sulli didn't fit this mould. It also has an Instagram-Story-esque feature called "Artist Moments" where artists share "funny, touching, or inspirational" posts with fan that expire once they share a new moment.

Kpop fan chat

Inshe officially quit the group and decided to focus primarily cchat acting. The year-old died at home on Monday. MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS has been finised.

Kpop fan chat

Well, what are we're going to do is to Enjoy our chats. Be the first to get translated updates, fna. The actress-singer rose to prominence as a member of girl band f x.

Chat -room is one of fans ' favourite way to communicate and is the place for fans to gather and talk about their idol.