Saba Family Foundation is proud to announce partnership with the Movement to bring about change on prevention & eradication of bullying. Together, we will also advance our projects on Empowerment of Women.

The Aman Movement is a non-profit organisation that invests in Social Value.  To put it simply the movement works in partnership with governments of to help them improve execution of their social sector development programs.  Their contribution to the partnership is not funds but innovation in design, technology, management solutions, monitoring etc.  They believe the status quo of poor performance would stand uncontested and critical challenges faced by social sector development of would remain unresolved if they did not invest in ‘social value’.   The movement believes collaboration between philanthropy, private enterprise and government can provide solutions to toughest challenges in implementation of the social sector programs of the world.

The movement came into existence in 2009 to eradicate /Bullying in India. It was a result of the death, due to , of Aman Satya Kachroo, a 19-year-old student of medicine.  (For those who are not familiar with the term Ragging it is a form of Bullying practised in India in 3rd level educational institutions). The movement worked with the government of India to formulate laws & regulations against ragging and then designed the National Ragging Prevention Program to implement the regulations. Working in partnership with the University Grants Commission of India the movement has implemented the prevention program successfully to reduce Ragging from an estimated figure of 42% in 2009 to less than 5% in 2018. The movement has presence in nearly 40,000 colleges with an estimated student population of around 20 million students. The movement has just started work to extend its pioneering work on eradication of Ragging to Bullying in schools.

Following the tragedy of the infamous Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi in 2012 the movement persuaded the government of India to design 2 integrated schemes that go beyond firefighting to lay a solid foundation for helping India achieve her UN SDG of Promoting Equality & Empowerment of Women. Two integrated schemes, namely, the (181) & One Stop Centres were launched to protect the rights of women by providing them with (i) Access to Justice (ii) Access to government administration and (iii) Access to welfare.  The movement developed innovative system/software, now known as the Raipur Model, for meaningful implementation of these schemes.  The movement uses it, successfully, in Chhattisgarh, J&K, Assam & Meghalaya. We believe in years to come we work of the movement will make a paradigm shift in women’s rights issues in India & possibly in the entire developing world.

The movement also works on Judicial & Access to Justice to poor & marginalised, Auditing , Management of primary school supplementary scheme (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan), Legislation on Flood Management & Dam Safety and Community Engagement in government schools. These programs are at different stages of implementation & development & some of them are at early stages of research.

In its journey of 10 years the movement has seen successes & failures and pain & joy.  But according to the founder of the movement success & joy far outweigh the pain & failure.  The team working for the movement are glad that they have set themselves on this journey.


Ragging: Prohibition, Prevention and Punishment

The University Grants Commission vide its letter no F.1-16/2007 (CPP-II) dated June 17, 2009 has reiterated the ban on ragging of students in Institutions of Higher Learning. The students are therefore directed to strictly desist from any kind of ragging.

(under Section 26 (1)(g) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956)

About Aman Movement
Aman Movement is a civil reformist movement for eradication of ragging in India. The movement is led by Prof. Raj Kachroo.

Anti-Ragging E-mail : ten.gniggaritnanull@enilpleh

Anti-Ragging Helpline No. : 1800-180-5522
(the call is Toll Free #)