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These organizations have a formal relationship with SFF for the purpose of supporting our shared organizational beliefs:

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Saba Family Foundation is proud to announce partnership with the Aman Movement to bring about change on prevention & eradication of bullying. Together, we will also advance our projects on Empowerment of Women.

The Aman Movement is a non-profit organisation that invests in Social Value.  To put it simply the movement works in partnership with governments of India to help them improve execution of their social sector development programs.  Their contribution to the partnership is not funds but innovation in design, technology, management solutions, monitoring etc.  They believe the status quo of poor performance would stand uncontested and critical challenges faced by social sector development of India would remain unresolved if they did not invest in ‘social value’.   The movement believes collaboration between philanthropy, private enterprise and government can provide solutions to toughest challenges in implementation of the social sector programs of the world.

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