Report Harassment or Bullying on Instagram

Report Harassment or Bullying on Instagram Fill out this form to report photos, videos, comments or profiles on Instagram that are bullying or harassing others. Please provide as many details as possible to help us review this issue. If an account is established with the intent of bullying or harassing another person or if a…

All-inclusive bully reporting guide: email headers, clients, tools, info links & techniques

While researching the bullying problem, we saw no one-stop place where one could obtain all the information needed to:
1) Structure & Organize evidence
2) Access all knowledge (tips and tricks) needed to report bullies
3) Present the manner using meaningful methods that authorities need & will use
4) Offer links to all of the major bully reporting areas in different regions of world
5) We make no assumptions that you are computer savvy. We offer step-by-step instructions how to do everything you need to fully structure (organize) and report to various groups within many different regions.