Workplace Bullying – Know the signs

You could be bullied at work and not recognize it …. Know the signs
Experiences Outside Work

You feel like throwing up the night before the start of your work week
Your frustrated family demands that you to stop obsessing about work at home
Your doctor asks what could be causing your skyrocketing blood pressure […]

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10 signs that you’re being bullied at work

10 signs you are being bullied at your workplace and what you could do about it. While bullying is usually perpetrated by someone in a position of power and authority, peers and even subordinates are also known to engage in bullying. A bully (read: weak soul) is actually an insecure, paranoid, control freak. Their aim is to belittle and ultimately diminish their prey through persistent hostile and unnecessarily rude behaviour. Can you spot such a type at work? Here are 10 signs that you're being bullied at the office:
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