10 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying

There’s nothing worse than discovering your child has been targeted by a bully. As a parent, you may experience an entire range of emotions including anger, fear, pain, confusion and maybe even embarrassment. But regardless of what you are feeling, overcoming bullying requires immediate action on your part.

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How to deal with a bully

Just remember that you always have HELP. Immediately do these things mentioned below to get HELP. Have a teacher help you. Exit the situation, if you can. Let someone know immediately. Please remember you're not alone. After you have done this short list, you can read more below. There is no simple solution to bullying [...]

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When Your Child Is the Bully

Finding out that your kid is the one who is behaving badly can be upsetting and heartbreaking. It's important to address the problem head on and not wait for it to go away. Talk to your child firmly about his or her actions and explain the negative impact it has on others. Joking and teasing might seem [...]

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Addressing and preventing bullying

Addressing and preventing bullying Once bullying has been identified, swift action needs to be taken in order to resolve the issue. Families and schools have an important role to play in tackling this. Schools need to maintain bully-free environments, as it will make students perform better academically and co-operate better with one another as well [...]

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