Hope For Everyone



The Saba Foundation may be described as “the venture capitalist of the NGO world”. 

Endowed by one family, we invest in organizations that share our common values, then move forward to our goal.


Today, we pursue this mission through 3 areas:

  1. advancing healthcare that allows access for those who don’t have it
  2. building resilience by education reform & building schools for the young
  3. help those who don’t have a voice under the human rights laws around the globe

In order to achieve these goals, we work at the intersection of four focus areas—advance health, re-value ecosystems, secure livelihoods, and transform schools and communities—to address the root causes of these emerging challenges.

Together with partners, the Saba Foundation strives to catalyze and scale, create unlikely partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot.


  a Sanskrit word for “access and serve” was launched in 2017 by the Saba Foundation.  UpCara is dedicated to access, empowerment and preventive health practices for at-risk women through the life span. UpCara is launching a global initiative on aging. Learn about UpCara’s various efforts at upcara.org.

The Saba Foundation donates funds to build schools in Africa, India and South-East Asia. The Foundation further funds scholarships through schools and institutions. We have funded over one million students.

The Saba Foundation is launching a new education portal under its education arm “Samskara” – stay tuned!

We have funded over one million students!


The Saba Foundation focuses on funding organizations that work with children and young adults and strongly believes in building a platform for the future of the youth. The Foundation is a great believer in the phrasehealth is wealth. Through UpCara, the Foundation is funding an innovate preventive health initiative that can be replicated and scaled and hopes to reach over one million people through this health model.

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